Fifty-Word Stories: I Touch Myself and Think of Me

This is the second of a series of fifty-word stories that I originally wrote for a special edition of an online journal.

I Touch Myself and Think of Me

I’m sleeping with the girl in the mirror. My nipples get hard against her cold body; I watch her face in puddles and shop windows.

Last night she asked, “Is there someone else?”

(Sometimes the person in the mirror is a man.)

I lie: “just us two, just us two.”

Reading Log: Aimee Bender, The Color Master

My teacher for the introductory short story class I took sophomore year was super into Aimee Bender. And now I’m super into Aimee Bender. I went on an Aimee Bender bender a few summers ago and read all of Willful Creatures on a plane ride.

The Color Master is Bender’s newest short story collection. The stories are strange and tender. She’s a master of speculative fiction.

I don’t know how to explain it. I find Bender’s stories heartbreaking. Each one just devastates me. I want to do what she does but I’m not sure where to start.

Fifty-Word Stories: Miss Her

Hey there! I just submitted to an online journal’s call for stories that are exactly 50 words long. They asked for up to five stories in a single submission, so I got to try out five different story concepts that I thought would work in a super-short format.

Two of my stories got picked! I’ll give more information on the journal and where you can read them as we get closer to publication time. In the mean time, I’ll be posting the stories they didn’t like enough to publish. Here’s the first one.

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Reading Log: Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Okay, so this wasn’t recommended to me by an English professor. But practically everyone else that I know has told me that I need to read this book. thebookthiefAnd right after that they all told me the same thing:

“Oh my gosh, it’s so sad.”

Look, I did my time. I grew up being Jewish and loving books which meant I went through the mandatory years of everyone I know recommending Holocaust books to me all the time. “Oh my gosh, you’re Jewish!” My classmates would say. “You should read Number the Stars!” One year, me and my sisters got a biography of Anne Frank for Channukah. Continue reading “Reading Log: Markus Zusak, The Book Thief”

Little Blog 4

Another short journalism blog like this one.

A Note on my Writing Process

It’s misting outside and I’ve lit a fire in our house’s wood-burning furnace. A housemate is finishing her pie in the kitchen, and I’m in the living room typing away on my review assignment on the couch next to the coffee table with the terrarium. My roommate joins me to soak up the heat from the fire for a minute, then politely says “Can I ask what you’re listening too?”

It’s Justin Beiber.

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Reading Log 2016: Let Me Explain You

I ended 2015 with the news that I’d been accepted to an upper-division fiction writing workshop at UC Davis, taught by Annie Liontas. Since past fiction workshops at Davis have been led by incredible authors (like Yiyun Li and Lucy Corin, woah), I thought I’d see whether Annie had written anything. I read one of her short stories online, decided she was awesome, and asked for her novel, Let Me Explain You, for a Channukah present.

Let Me Explain You is an immigrant story, a tragicomedy, a family portrait through a lens of magic, humor, and trauma. It is deeply rooted in a countdown that starts on the first page: in ten days, according to Stavros Stavros Steve Mavrakis, Stavros Stavros Steve Mavrakis will die. Continue reading “Reading Log 2016: Let Me Explain You”

Little Blog 3

Hi there! Another tiny blog post I wrote for my journalism class. This one is about a beetle that I learned about in my insect behavior class which is excellent.

Namib Desert Beetlenamib-beetle-653x0_q80_crop-smart

In my entomology class on bug behavior, we learned about the Namib Desert Beetle. Actually a large group of Darkling beetles, Namib Desert Beetles include several species that use physiology and behavior to access unconventional water supplies in the harsh desert. Continue reading “Little Blog 3”