Little Blog 4

Another short journalism blog like this one.

A Note on my Writing Process

It’s misting outside and I’ve lit a fire in our house’s wood-burning furnace. A housemate is finishing her pie in the kitchen, and I’m in the living room typing away on my review assignment on the couch next to the coffee table with the terrarium. My roommate joins me to soak up the heat from the fire for a minute, then politely says “Can I ask what you’re listening too?”

It’s Justin Beiber.

I have to explain that I can usually only listen to pop music when I’m writing. Something about the upbeat-ness and the energy keeps me going on a piece without distracting me; the lyrics and song construction are usually so uniform and simplistic that I don’t stop writing to tune in. The music just sort of washes over me and keeps me moving forward. Even when I’m working on more literary stuff for my fiction workshop, I’m probably jamming out to whatever trite Top 40 songs Spotify has picked out for the week. Whatever works, right?


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