Reading Log 2016: Let Me Explain You

I ended 2015 with the news that I’d been accepted to an upper-division fiction writing workshop at UC Davis, taught by Annie Liontas. Since past fiction workshops at Davis have been led by incredible authors (like Yiyun Li and Lucy Corin, woah), I thought I’d see whether Annie had written anything. I read one of her short stories online, decided she was awesome, and asked for her novel, Let Me Explain You, for a Channukah present.

Let Me Explain You is an immigrant story, a tragicomedy, a family portrait through a lens of magic, humor, and trauma. It is deeply rooted in a countdown that starts on the first page: in ten days, according to Stavros Stavros Steve Mavrakis, Stavros Stavros Steve Mavrakis will die. Continue reading “Reading Log 2016: Let Me Explain You”


Little Blog 3

Hi there! Another tiny blog post I wrote for my journalism class. This one is about a beetle that I learned about in my insect behavior class which is excellent.

Namib Desert Beetlenamib-beetle-653x0_q80_crop-smart

In my entomology class on bug behavior, we learned about the Namib Desert Beetle. Actually a large group of Darkling beetles, Namib Desert Beetles include several species that use physiology and behavior to access unconventional water supplies in the harsh desert. Continue reading “Little Blog 3”

Little Blog 1

My journalism class this quarter has me writing short (200-250 word) blog entries for writing practice. I’ll be posting them here as Little Blogs.

Little Blog 1: Back Home-ish

It’s weird to be back living in America. I spent the past semester living abroad in Utrecht, the fourth-biggest city in the Netherlands. From late July to late December, pretty much everything felt strange all the time. Now,  back at in Davis, normal things feel strange. I know all the social rules. People recognize me and know my name–I have friends who I can just bump into on campus, and people who know me. I don’t have to pretend to understand Dutch. Now, I realize how strange moments in my life might seem to a Dutch friend. No one drinks beer with lunch here; in fact, you can’t openly drink alcohol on campus, or smoke. In Utrecht, students used class breaks to roll their own cigarettes just outside the academic buildings. Our tiny campus, the honors college of the older and larger Utrecht University, had a student bar that was open every night and manned by student bartenders pouring lousy 1 euro Dutch beer and shot specials for 1e50. We didn’t even have a library.

Review of Bacon and Butter

Hi there!

This is the review article I wrote for my journalism class. I tried to write in a Cosmo or Her Campus style. My journalism writing is not my very favorite work; we’re turning things in at a fast enough pace that I don’t really get time to make them perfect. Also, so far I have gotten like no useful feedback from my classmates at all. But I’m writing! So at some level I’m getting better.

Valentine’s Day at Bacon and Butter: A Perfect Pairing

Sound the alarms: Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. I know—total chaos. Are you going to take bae out to a sweet post-coital breakfast, or uphold your standing brunch date with the ladies? Sacramento farm-to-table restaurant Bacon and Butter presents the perfect solution: a hip, delicious brunch spot to keep everybody happy.

Continue reading “Review of Bacon and Butter”